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What the New Housing Classification Means for HDB Plus Flats

What the New Housing Classification Means for HDB Plus Flats

You probably haven’t been hiding out under a rock if you haven’t heard about the new public housing categorization structure like Dunman Residences in Singapore.

At the National Day Rally on August 20th, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong declared that the Housing Development Board (HDB) will no longer divide housing estates into Mature and Non-mature estates.

Instead, HDB apartments in Singapore will be differentiated by the new Standard, Plus, and Plus classifications adopted by the governing body.

How will Singaporeans be affected by this change?

What is it?

To Sum It All Up: How Would HDB Plus Flats Affect Singapore’s Housing Market?
HDB apartments will no longer be classified as Mature or Non-mature estates, but rather as Standard, Standard Plus, or Prime.

Classification of HDB Estates Based on Maturity Level
Let’s put this into historical perspective…

The Housing Development Board (HDB) implemented a simple system in 1992 to divide HDB estates into two distinct types: mature and non-mature.

In the non-mature estates, this stratification was designed to give first-time purchasers and those who had previously had trouble getting a unit a higher priority.

The categorization scheme was determined by the accessibility of land for building. Estates that have reached their full maturity are in great demand but have little available acreage for expansion.

Non-mature estates, on the other hand, were places where a larger tract of land was available for public housing construction.

What Kind of Estate Do You Reside In?

The HDB has 27 estates and towns, 15 of which are considered mature while the other 12 are considered immature. When it comes to balloting for BTO apartments like Dunman Grand Prices, there are more than ten priority plans to choose from. For instance, as of recently, 95% of brand-new apartments were set aside for first-time family occupants.

Among other things, HDB gives precedence to first-time applicants over repeat applicants and married couples over singles.

This is accomplished by assigning different weights to the likelihood of an application being approved in mature vs. non-mature zones, where new apartments are located.

It’s also important to remember that HDB always suggests going for younger neighborhoods if you want to increase your chances of getting a property.

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